Snohomish Skyhawks history (from 2005-2012)


by former Skyhawk Jim Kessler


The Snohomish Skyhawks were founded by Pablo Mummy and the Snohomish Soccer Dome in the winter of 2005. The Skyhawks entered the DISL (Developmental Indoor Soccer League) to play other teams in the greater Washington and Oregon areas.
The DISL team of 2005-2006 consisted mainly of players form greater Snohomish County that grew up playing soccer at the local indoor arenas. The Skyhawks found themselves in a two-way league battle with the Seattle team most of the season. In the season championship, Snohomish defeated Seattle 11-0 and found themselves the DISL Champions in their inaugural season.


The following year, the DISL had development difficulties and the Skyhawks were searching for a new home and league to participate. The winter 2006-2007 season found them playing in the PASL (premier Arena Soccer League) out of the California based office. The NW League was comprised of teams from Washington and Oregon.

At the start of the 2006 season, Pablo coordinated a scrimmage with a local adult team comprised of former professionals and collegiate players. The Skyhawks found that there was more to the game than simply running and trying to score, losing to the local side. Pablo encouraged one of those other layers, Vasco Rubio, to join the team and be the assistant coach.


The 2006-2007 year found Snohomish battling their I-5 rivals the Tacoma Stars all season. At years end, Snohomish was playing Tacoma in the NW Championship game for a trip to compete in the PASL International Championships in Tijuana Mexico. The Tacoma Stars had already packed their bags and booked their trip having defeated Snohomish in regular play. The Skyhawks battled back and defeated the Tacoma Stars with a go-ahead goal in the final 3 seconds of the match. Snohomish won the PNW title that year and was headed to the national tournament.


59848915984891The start of the 2007-2008 year found two new teams added to the NW Division, from Bellingham and Seattle. Snohomish battled their rival I-5 teams form Tacoma and Seattle all season. At the conclusion of the season, Snohomish was in the championship game again. This time, the game was against the Wenatchee Fire at the Snohomish soccer dome. Wenatchee rallied from a two-goal deficit to defeat the Skyhawks and punch their first ticket to the National Championships.



The 2008-2009 season found the Skyhawks in a “rebuilding year”. Snohomish struggled to put points on the board and found themselves near the bottom of the division with two draws and two loses by a single point. The team ended the season 1-5-2.


The 2009-2010 season was another low-light for Snohomish. Points and victories were scarce. Other teams in the area (Wenatchee and Tacoma) were in the process of forming new professional organizations. The team ended with 2-5-1 on the season.


The 2010-2011 season was very different from any others. The league had formed a new professional division. With the new division, several players were drawn to other markets to play across the country. Wenatchee moved into the Pro Division and Tacoma began the process of professional player development. Crossover games (between the semi-pro and pro ranks) were common as teams moved across divisions.


The 2011-2012 season saw a rebound for the Skyhawks even with the new league formatting. New teams like the Kitsap Pumas and South Sound Shock (Tacoma Stars reserve team) and a returning strong squad from Bellingham proved the competition in the NW division was at a new level. The Skyhawks ended the year 3-4-1 with 5 games decided by a single point.