Coach Shen wraps up the season with a letter of thanks


2017-18 WISL Semifinal
Bellingham-12 Snohomish-6

The score really didn’t reflect our team effort and how well we played this season. It was 6-5 into the third quarter but Bellingham has too much quality to shows why they are defending champion especially playing in their hostile environment. Their fan base really in my opinion gives them that edge over anyone in the league and possibly anyone arguably in the nation at the level we compete. Our men fought hard and had a game  plan but missing out on our top two scorers Paul and Tye did not help.


I do want to express my appreciation on all my players from starters and especially our role players to help us compete this season. It really takes a lot of commitment training late at night twice a week and giving up our weekends to make it work. I felt we put a quality final product this entire season and competed in every single game this season. In addition, I also want to mention our Owner Pablo Mummey and GM Wade Hoskins for their support and belief in our process. We were able to create a solid tie with Trails End Tap House which will help us solidify a presence to compete in this league.


Lastly, I want to thank my assistant coaches John Troka, Aaron Burns and Tony Clarke for their leadership and constant communication with players to keep them accountable. It’s a selfless job but they do a great job. Tony has really stepped up in terms bringing the team together on the pitch and took over during the time I needed to be gone for the family.

We are excited about our potential for next year and I know in my heart that it will be my last season in order to spend my time with my family and kids. Therefore, we have talked Tony to step in as an Associate Head Coach and transition the program smoothly for the future. The goal is that we are “ALL IN” next year and bring the trophy to Snohomish. We know it takes a lot of commitment and that’s why most of players are willing to train the off season to continue and build our chemistry and maybe find some outdoor EPLWA teams to scrimmage with to stay in shape. We are starting looking for potential sponsors and players who are aligned with our vision.




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