Force trip up Skyhawks at the Soccer Dome

SNOHOMISH, WA— The Skyhawks dropped their 2017-18 WISL  home finale in a crucial match to the Olympic Force, 8-5. Oddly enough the first two goals were all scored by #11 with an assist from #12, The Force #11 Colin Ralston assist by #12 Kevin Flavin and for Snohomish Andrew Escalante #11 assist from Matt Stefanko #12. Just another odd night in The Hawks nest.

The teams traded goals for the rest of the half with James Salisbury putting the Force up just before the end of the second period ending in 3-4 favoring the Force.

Third period was a different story, with some better positioning and higher volume of shots The Force were able to put three in the net and managed to put a body part on just about every shot we took in the third.


In the fourth Snohomish now was facing a two sided uphill battle The Force and the clock. It was back and forth with both teams playing full gas sprint,shoot,save…rinse & repeat until just under two minutes left when Skyhawks’ Paul Burgess pulled one back leaving Snohomish down 3—which is doable in this league, but The Force chipped one over the keeper from three lines out to make it unattainable.

It was a fun game to watch kinda like pinball on fast forward, high intensity, lots of shots great, saves. The two teams meet again in a couple of weeks should be a good one.

Olympic Force Goals: Colin Ralston (4), Diego Aceves (2), James Salisbury, Alex Hernandez

Snohomish Skyhawks Goals: Paul Burgess (2), Devin Shull, Aaron Burns, Chris Kirkpatrick.

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